Tired of not having the time to chart an expedition to far away countries to search for elusive evidence that proves the existence of bi-pedal creatures that live and hide among us? Well, worry NO MORE! NOW, you can own your very own MUMMIFIED YETI HAND!

These replicas have been painstakingly manufactured by artisans using the finest materials to create the definitive mummified yeti hand! You can almost SMELL* the authenticity! This collectable will surely become a treasured keepsake handed down from family member to family member for years to come!

Each Mummified Yeti Hand comes bagged with header card, featuring card art on the front and the "legend" story printed on the back.

*Mummified yeti hands are a recreation and not real mummified yeti hands. Any "smell" is not authentic mummified yeti hand stench, but likely perspiration from the "sweat shop manufacturing techniques" that were employed to create this stunning and realistic collectible.

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