TROGLODYTE has been battering audiences with their unique brand of metal for the decade. Whether touring regionally or appearing at a festival, TROGLODYTE is always a crowd pleaser. Appearing at such festivals as Gwar BQ, Detroit's Berzerker, Las Vegas Death Fest and Denver's Black Sky. With hundreds of shows supporting touring acts such as HATEBREED, ROB ZOMBIE and GWAR to name a few. Most recently their music was also featured in the IFC/Trent Haaga film 68 KILL. TROGLODYTE is also one of the headliners/creators of an annual Kansas City Halloween event that draws sell-out crowds each year.

The current line-up includes Jeff Sisson, Chris Wilson, Mike (ORIGIN) Flores, Brandon Mitchell and Michael Langner.

TROGLODYTE was imagined in the summer of 2005, following a trip that Sisson took to Los Angeles, where he was visiting a friend. Sisson, a special effects make-up artist and lover of all things horror, took with him a copy of the cult-classic film The Pit, which his friend had never seen. It tells of a lonesome boy whose psychic powers allow him to open a pathway between this world and another, where heathenish beings called troglodytes find human flesh nourishing. In the film, whenever people become disagreeable, the boy casts them into a pit teeming with troglodytes.

During that same visit, Sisson and his friend found, at a video-rental store, a decrepit videocassette of Night of the Demon, a horror flick with Sasquatch as the antagonist. Something clicked. He returned to Kansas City, recruited friend and musician Chris Wilson and started working on the concept.

"It just made sense," Sisson says. "Troglodyte — a death-metal band where we wear masks and sing about Bigfoot." ​

Excerpt Hugh Welsh

courtesy The Pitch/Kansas City, MO